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Domain Name System (DNS) — Zentyal 7.0 Documentation
When Zentyal's DNS server is installed and enabled, Zentyal's DNS client (Network ‣ DNS) first solver option will be pointed automatically to the local server,

Zentyal 7.0 Temporary failure in name resolution · Issue #2026 ...
Describe the bug After installing Zentyal 7.0 from scratch there isn't a problem and DNS resolution on the Zentyal install works fine in

Domain Name System (DNS) — Zentyal 2.2 documentation
In addition to DNS cache, Zentyal can act as an authoritative DNS server for a list of configured domains. As an authoritative server, it will respond to

How to configure DNS on Zentyal server
If you want your Zentyal server to be a DNS for your network you need to point one of your server NICs to that server's IP address and configure

redirect - Zentyal: Overriding some DNS entries for some external ...
I realised no BIND stubs exist, the configurations in /etc/bind are created from the DNS stubs in /usr/share/zentyal/stubs/dns/.

En/4.0/Domain Name System (DNS) - Zentyal Linux Small Business ...
1 DNS cache server configuration with Zentyal · 2 Transparent DNS Cache · 3 DNS Forwarders · 4 Configuration of an authoritative DNS server with

Manage Zentyal PDC (Primary Domain Controller) from Windows
Setup your own network connections address, netmask, gateway, and DNS ( Make sure that your first DNS here is the Zentyal PDC IP address).

Most Popular Zentyal Server Documentation in 2019 - Zentyal Linux ...
As in Active Directory clients locate local Domain Controllers and other AD services (Kerberos and LDAP) by DNS queries, correct DNS

Dynamic DNS in Zentyal - Zentyal Linux Small Business Server
There are several DNS providers that allows you to create a free

[Solved] DNS - query status refused - subnets not on Zentyal ...
[Solved] DNS - query status refused - subnets not on Zentyal network interfaces.
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