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The ip-secondary-address command manages secondary network addresses for the current interface. The network address is the IP address and its subnet mask. A

Example for Configuring Primary and Secondary IP Addresses for ...
The primary and secondary IP addresses of an interface can have overlapped network segments but cannot be the same. The secondary IP addresses of an

ip address
Secondary addresses are treated like primary addresses, except the system never generates datagrams other than routing updates with secondary source addresses.

Multiple IP addresses - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
You can assign a secondary private IPv4 address to any network interface. · You can assign multiple IPv6 addresses to a network interface that's in a subnet that

Secondary IP Address
Two subnets of a single network might otherwise be separated by another network. You can create a single network from subnets that are physically separated by

Alias IP ranges overview | VPC | Google Cloud
Subnet primary and secondary CIDR ranges. All subnets have a primary CIDR range, which is the range of internal IP addresses that define the subnet. Each VM

Solved: Use of secondary IP on Vlan interface - Cisco Community
Solved: Hi Everyone, Need to know how the use of secondary ip address under vlan interface is for extension of subnets. If someone can please explain this

Add a Secondary Network IP Address
If you want to remove a router from your network, you can add the router IP address as a secondary IP address on the firewall when the router is shut down. Any

VPC-native clusters | Kubernetes Engine Documentation | Google ...
Both node IP addresses and the size of the subnet's secondary IP address range for Pods limit the number of nodes that a cluster can support. Refer to node

Support for Sub-interfaces / Alias IP address / Secondary IP address ...
Gaia OS supports the configuration of secondary IP addresses only on single Security Gateways that are not part of a cluster.
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