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Module ngx_http_realip_module
Example Configuration. set_real_ip_from; set_real_ip_from; set_real_ip_from 2001:0db8::/32; real_ip_header X-Forwarded-For

reverse proxy - nginx real_ip_header and X-Forwarded-For seems ...
And, beyond that, does anyone have any suggestions for how to make the X-Real-IP header display the left-most value, as indicated by the

nginx - Assigning a custom variable to real_ip_header - Stack ...
As the name implies and documentation explicitly states (emphasis is mine):. The ngx_http_realip_module module is used to change the client

[emerg] unknown directive "real_ip_header" · Issue #4433 · Kong ...
kong/cmd/start.lua:28: nginx configuration is invalid (exit code 1): nginx: [emerg] unknown directive "real_ip_header" in

kubernetes - Nginx real_ip_header through a GCE ingress? - Stack ...
They are two solutions (Thks to gcbirzan for helping me on GCP slack):. 1) Update My nginx configuration with the good IPS from IP addresses

How to use multiple real IP headers with nginx - GetPageSpeed
And the real_ip_header directive can be set to a variable . Let's put those great features together and not without some duplication,

After most recent CB update: "real_ip_header" directive is duplicate ...
After updating the latest custom build (2.0.0 (rev: 2566) I'm getting this error on my machines: [emerg] 337#0: "real_ip_header" directive

X-Forwarded-For header. Get real IP addresses of visitors ...
real_ip_header X-Forwarded-For;. Restart Nginx. Add $http_x_forwarded_for variable in a log_format directive to restore visitors' real IP addresses in access

Identifying an original client IP address if using a proxy or load ...
In the NGINX context location or higher, add the directive real_ip_header with the value of proxy_protocol . An example NGINX configuration file with all

How to Forward Client's request IP - Questions - Kong Nation
Kong exposes various configuration properties (trusted_ips, real_ip_header, and real_ip_recursive) that abstract the NGINX module's directives of the same 
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