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PointDNS | Heroku Dev Center
PointDNS is an add-on that will give you power to manage all your domains from a friendly and easy to use interface. Adding PointDNS to your

PointDNS - Add-ons - Heroku Elements
PointDNS. Powerful and Easy to Use DNS Management Starting at $0/mo. Redirects made simple. Setup permanent HTTP redirects directly

How to configure DNS on Heroku (pointdns) - Stack Overflow
In case you would also like to receive/send email using your custom domain, probably the easiest way would be to use Cloudflare,

Learn how to correctly point your domain to Heroku - Mirror
Step 1. Create a new Heroku app · Step 2. Add your custom domain name to Heroku · Step 3. Install the PointDNS add-on · Step 4. Add email hosting (

SSL not working with custom domain through Heroku and PointDNS ...
Got this working- for anyone else in the same boat, I had to also apply the DNS targets Heroku provided into the CNAME and ALIAS sections in

Pointdns on heroku - powerful and reliable dns hosting for developers
the value of pointdns on heroku · Redirects Made Simple Setup permanent HTTP redirects directly from our web interface. · Weighted Round Robin DNS Load Balancing

Pointdns with heroku points me to No App. : r/Heroku
have deployed my app on heroku and got a custom domain with pointdns. point dns seems to redirect the doamin correctly, but heroku seems to

Domínio RegistroBr > PointDNS > Heroku | by Leonardo ...
Domínio RegistroBr > PointDNS > Heroku. Ola pessoal, hoje vou ensinar a configurar o DNS de um dominio que você tenha no RegistroBr.

SSL not working with custom domain through Heroku and PointDNS ...
Currently hosting a PHP site on Heroku with a custom domain site that I bought through Hostgator. I've followed this…

My root domain isn't working, what's wrong? - Heroku Help
PointDNS · namecheap · · Cloudflare - Note: Cloudflare use CNAME Flattening . This is the same thing as an ALIAS or ANAME record 
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