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How to Set Up a Custom Domain | ngrok Documentation
To get working with an ngrok tunnel you'll need to perform one step within your ngrok account dashboard and one step with the DNS host for your

@667/ngrok-dns - npm
DNS plugin for ngrok. Latest version: 1.5.0, last published: 6 months ago. Start using @667/ngrok-dns in your project by running `npm i

june07/ngrok-dns: DNS plugin for ngrok, update Cloudflare ... - GitHub
Ngrok-dns is a plugin of sorts to the ngrok npm package that enables domain features of ngrok which are not available on the free plan. Ngrok-dns will create a

How to specify which domain using ngrok - Stack Overflow
If you prefer a free option, it is possible via: $ ngrok http 80.

ngrok - How to access my server through a DNS without port ...
What ngrok does is it opens a tunnel to a 3rd party server that already has its DNS/static IP figured out. It doesn't give you an additional

ssl - Ngrok with Cloudflare domain - Stack Overflow
Here is one way, assuming you are fine with having Cloudflare only act as DNS: Configure ngrok to serve the correct TLS certificate.

domain name system - Ngrok custom hostname add cname to ...
Some DNS providers allow you to make a CNAME record instead of a A record for a apex domain ( CloudFlare is one example

Hunting and remediating ngrok tunnels using Logpoint
ngrok is very easy to use and does not rely on port forwarding, dynamic DNS or VPN. Naturally, what makes it attractive for developers,

Hunting ngrok Activity |
Using these artifacts, we can query the firewall or DNS logs for any of the ngrok domain names or IP addresses and find which endpoint is

A (nearly) free custom domain for ngrok
For simplicity I use a domain hosted in Route53 as the certificate validation is easier with one-click DNS record creation. So there are costs, 
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