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Cheat Sheet - Knowledge Base
These servers are restricted for use from within the Leaseweb network only

One-Click DNSSEC at Leaseweb - Leaseweb Blog
To get the IP, the browser needs to ask a recursive (caching) DNS server. The job of DNS is to translate human-friendly addresses to IPs.

Domain Name System (DNS) - Knowledge Base
These DNS servers are set in your network settings and are provided by default by your Internet service provider. The servers will check if they know the

How To Setup Private DNS-over-TLS/HTTPS | by Leaseweb ...
In order to translate a domain into an IP address, your device sends a DNS request to a special DNS server called a resolver (which is most likely managed

Managing Dedicated Server network settings - Knowledge Base
Setting Reverse DNS. The standard reverse lookup that is implemented is: To set a

Leaseweb | Global Hosted Infrastructure (IaaS) and Cloud Solutions
Leaseweb is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider offering dedicated servers, CDN, cloud hosting and hybrid cloud on a global network.

Quick guide on setting up a DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS recursor.

Domain Name | Leaseweb
Register your domain now. We offer a selection of popular extensions and protect your registered domain so you can be assured of a valuable domain name.

Leaseweb Logo
Manage your domain DNS records and e-mail addresses, aliases and more.

Avoid costly downtime with routable IP addresses- Leaseweb
The Domain Name Servers (DNS) of the website points to a Floating IP. The Floating IP directs traffic to the active server. If the active server fails, 
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