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IP Ranges | Cloudflare

Understanding and configuring Cloudflare's IPv6 support ...
Learn how Cloudflare supports IPv6 traffic and the features Cloudflare recommends if your origin web server or application software does

What is my IP address? | Cloudflare
IP addresses are unique identifiers used to determine who is who on the Internet. IP addresses can be formatted differently depending on whether they use IPv4

Set up Cloudflare resolver
DNS server · your devices use is provided by your Internet provider. To start using for your DNS queries, you will need to change the DNS settings in

Eliminating the last reasons to not enable IPv6
CloudFlare has offered full IPv6 support as well as our IPv6-to-IPv4 gateway since 2012. In preparation for this year's IPv6 Day,

the Internet's Fastest, Privacy-First DNS Resolver
Cloudflare had the network. APNIC had the IP address ( Both of us were motivated by a mission to help build a better Internet. You can read more

98.01% of sites on Cloudflare now use IPv6
Our data shows that visitors connecting over IPv6 were able to connect and load pages in 27% less time than visitors connecting over IPv4.

Get the IPv4 of a visitor - DNS & Network - Cloudflare Community
But the most of the visitors have both ip-address and I want to get the IPv4 on a case like this. pcplayer August 7, 2019, 4:26pm

iCloud Private Relay: information for Cloudflare customers
By adding two "relays" (labeled “Ingress Proxy” and “Egress Proxy” above), connection metadata is split: The user's original IP address is – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia
Cloudflare ogłosiło aplikację mobilną dla swojej usługi na Androida i iOS. 25 września 2019 r. Cloudflare wydało WARP, ulepszoną wersję swojej 
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