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Configuring static IP routes
A static IP route specifies the route's destination address and the next-hop router's IP address or routing switch interface through which the routing switch

Configuring IP Routing
Static routes. A static route is a manually configured path from one network to another. It specifies the destination network and the gateway (router) to use to

Configure a Next Hop IP Address for Static Routes - Cisco
A static route with a high administrative distance is called a floating static route. It is installed in the routing table only when the

ip route-static vpn-instance - S600-E V200R019C10 Command ...
The ip route-static vpn-instance command configures a static route for a VPN instance. The undo ip route-static vpn-instance command deletes static routes from

16.4. Static Routes and the Default Gateway Red Hat Enterprise ...
Configuring Static Routes Using the Command Line. If static routes are required, they can be added to the routing table by means of the ip route add command and

undo ip route-static - CX91x Series Switch Modules V100R001C00 ...
The undo ip route-static command deletes a static route. By default, no static route is configured. You need to configure static routes on the management module

Static routing - Wikipedia
Static routing is a form of routing that occurs when a router uses a manually-configured routing entry, rather than information from dynamic routing traffic

Example for Configuring IPv4 Static Routes - IP Routing 01
Procedure · Configure an IP address for each interface. For configuration details, see Configuration Files in this section. · Configure static routes. # Configure

Document - HP 5800 Switch Series - Configuring Static Routing ...
Basic static route configuration example · Configure IP addresses for interfaces (omitted). · Configure static routes. # Configure a default route on Switch A:.

Configuring IPv4 Static Route Detection - IP Routing 01
EFM for IPv4 static routes enables the system to respond to an interface Up or Down event that is triggered by changes in the EFM OAM extension status and 
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