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routing - Modifying existing route entry in linux - Unix & Linux Stack ...
This seems to apply both to ip route change and ip route replace - the former results in an error for me, while the latter creates an

D.2. ip route
If you do use the ip route change command, you should be aware that it does not communicate a routing table state change to the routing cache, so here is

ip-route(8) - Linux manual page
The multiple routing tables enter the game when policy routing is used. ip route add add new route ip route change change route ip route

Delete the route for via the gateway at. route replace Replace, or add if not defined, a route ip route replace

route | Microsoft Docs
is used in conjunction with one of the commands (such as add, change,

Linux Set Up Routing with ip Command - nixCraft
Linux set up route with ip command: Configuration example includes adding, deleting and setting default routes under any Linux distro.

How to commit the CLI command "ip route replace..." in my config ...
." a message appears : "no configuation change to commit". I suppose this kind

Configuring a Route Monitoring Group - IP Routing 02
the service modules can perform primary/backup link switchovers upon route changes in the group.

The Change TCP/IP Route (CHGTCPRTE) command is used to change an existing route in the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

How to Set Static IP Address and Modifying Routing Table on Linux
Set Static IP Address Using ifconfig Command (Deprecated) · The network device name is eth0 · Change the IP address to the static value · Set the 
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