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networking - Remove IP with ip command in linux - Server Fault
This happens because you use /24 network mask when delete. It is applied to address you input. Try the following: ip addr del dev

addr del Delete an address ip addr del dev em1. Remove address from device em1 link set Alter the status of the interface.

linux - How can I clear the IP address of Ethernet interface without ...
Use ip from iproute2. (You need to also specify the prefix length though.) ip addr del dev eth0. To remove all addresses (in case you have

10 Useful "IP" Commands to Configure Network Interfaces
The following command will remove an assigned IP address from the given interface (eth1). # ip addr del dev eth1

ip address add | del Man Page - Linux -
The ip address add and del commands, add new addresses or delete old ones. address can be abbreviated to a or addr ip address add - Add new protocol address

Linux ip Command with Examples | Linuxize
The syntax to remove an IP address from an interface is as below: ip addr dev ADDRESS dev

Linux ip Command Examples - nixCraft
Assign, delete, set up IP address, routes, subnet and other IP information to IP interfaces. 9. List IP Addresses and

how to remove ip address with command line in linux
what I want to know is that I have a certain number of active ips, and there are some of those ips that I no longer use, and I want to

sk1:podstawy_narzedzia [Jan Kończak]
Usunięcie adresu z interfejsu, ip addr del dev eth0.

Linux IP Command Ultimate Tutorial with 31 Examples
ip addr add brd [ip_address] dev [interface]. To remove an IP address from an interface type: ip addr del [ip_address] dev [interface] 
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