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Support for IPv6-only networks · Cloudflare docs
DNS64 allows configuring a DNS resolver to synthesize IPv6 addresses from IPv4 answers. You should only enable DNS64 if you are managing or using an IPv6-only

DNS64 support - - Cloudflare Community
running IPV6-only networks via NAT64, it would be great to have a version of (obviously the IPV6 version) that supports DNS64.

Supporting the transition to IPv6-only networking services for iOS
Translation requires technologies such as NAT64 and DNS64.

New Feature, NAT64 service in Cloudflare - DNS & Network ...
I know that Cloudflare provides a DNS64 service. Wouldn't it be a nice feature if they also provide a full DNS64/NAT64 service?

List of Top Public Recursive Name Servers · GitHub
( 2606:4700:4700::6400 (

Public recursive name server - Wikipedia, N/A, 2606:4700:4700::64

NAT64/DNS64 in USG (and possibly UDM) | Ubiquiti Community
There are public DNS64 implementations from Cloudflare, Google and others, and they are built as proper recursive ones so they return normal v6 AAAA if

Google Public DNS64 | Google Developers
DNS64 is a DNS service that returns AAAA records with these synthetic IPv6 addresses for IPv4-only destinations (with A but not AAAA records in the DNS).

Public encrypted DNS (DoT and DoH) resolvers · GitHub
dot:// dot:// dot:// dot:// dot:// dot://

DoH support for DNS6? : r/ipv6
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