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Actions to take in case of DHCP Decline message from the client ...
That's an indication that the client has received a duplicate IP. This will cause the client to send a DHCP Decline and start DHCP process all

DHCP Messages - NE05E and NE08E V300R003C10SPC500 ...
A DHCP Decline message is sent by a DHCP client to notify the DHCP server that the assigned IP address conflicts with another IP address.

DHCP decline without duplicate or wrong ip : r/networking
After this it seem any device is accepting it and sending an answer to the arp. So the client is sending a DHCP Decline. IP is dropped and the

networking - How to generate DHCP Decline scenario / packets ...
In this case, the client will send a DHCPDECLINE message to the

ISC DHCP "decline" (#581) · Issues · ISC Open Source Projects / Kea
ignore declines; The DHCPDECLINE message is used by DHCP clients to

[Troubleshooting] DHCP Address Conflict Issues
DHCP-enabled clients inform the DHCP server when an IP address conflict is detected and, instead of invalidating the stack, they request a new

RFC 2131 - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
from one server and implicitly declining offers from all others,

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia
Protokół DHCP jest zdefiniowany w RFC 2131 ↓ i jest następcą BOOTP. DHCP został opublikowany jako standard w roku 1993. W kolejnej generacji protokołu IP,

Solution: DHCP clients not receiving IP addresses | Extreme Portal
When the DHCP decline packet contains a Client-ID ipaddress is, EXOS identifies this as an invalid request and drops the packet.

DHCP decline message (DHCPDECLINE)
DHCP decline message (DHCPDECLINE): A message sent by a DHCP client to the DHCP server to decline the offer of an IP address on the network.
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