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Access Control - Apache HTTP Server Version 2.4
You should avoid using them, and avoid outdated tutorials recommending their use. The usage of these directives is: Require host address Require ip ip.address.

apache 2.4 - How do I require an IP range instead of 1 IP? - Server ...
Noting that you have now confirmed using Apache 2.2, Apache 2.2 does not support either Require ip or

mod_authz_host - Apache HTTP Server Version 2.4
The ip provider allows access to the server to be controlled based on the IP address of the remote client. When Require ip ip-address is specified, then the

apache2 - Apache: Restrict access to specific source IP inside virtual ...
Require local should be the answer, as it enables you to get your machine at all three of the following hosts: localhost , , and ServerAlias set in

Access Control for Apache 2.4 (and 2.2) | .htaccess made easy
Apache 2.4+ Require all granted Require not ip

apache - Require ip works sometimes and sometimes' it ...
As it turns out, Apache 2.4's Require matches the IP exactly. If you have multiple IP addresses aliasing localhost , you need to list all of

Require and friends : Apache HTTP Server
For example, mod_authz_host provides access control by IP address: Require ip 192.168 Other than the Require expr syntax, much of the above

Combine ip and user auth restriction for subfolder in apache 2.4 ...
3.4 without user authentication. It feels like apache matches the IP the Require ip directive (inside implicid RequireAny ) and doesn't

How to restrict page access to certain IPs using Apache httpd 2.4 ...
after set it and restarted apache/httpd, still able to see another IP.

apache - Why is Allow from or require ip not working? - Stack Overflow
localhost, IP/Hostname of Server or my dyndns domain should redirect to openHAB Web UI with SSL and Basic Auth -> That's working! 2.) https://ip 
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